CCA Boston Station Event Payment Policy

Various events such as club dinners, lunches and cruises may require pre-registration and payment. The Boston station offers online payment as well as payment by personal check.

If a member who has already registered wishes to withdraw from an event, the general cancellation and refund policy is as follows:

-        The CCA will make an effort to provide a Cancellation Deadline in the notice for each event. If no specific Cancellation Deadline is mentioned, it is assumed to be 4 days prior to the event. (This is the date when the CCA needs to make firm commitments to venues and vendors).

-        If a member communicates by email that they wish to withdraw prior to the Cancellation Deadline, the CCA will provide a refund for the full amount (for personal checks) or the full amount less 3% (for online orders).

-        If a member communicates by email that they wish to withdraw after the Cancellation Date, there will be no automatic refund, since the CCA will have already communicated firm commitments to vendors and will have incurred costs whether or not the member attends the event. If the event has a waiting list, or if other members sign up for the event after the cancellation deadline, the CCA may in some instances be able to provide a refund, but only if another member takes the withdrawing members spot at the event.